Back Injury and Pilates – Excerpt from an Client Interview at San Francisco Pilates

N. C. briefly worked out at San Francisco Pilates from Sep. 2016 to Feb. 2017, then unfortunately had to move out of CA. We miss you N.C.!!!

Q. Why did you start Pilates training ?

In December 2015 I began to experience lower back pain. The pain continued to grow over the months and became rather debilitating. I got to a point where I had a hard time with simple acts like putting on pants. Despite physical therapy twice a week for several months, I was not experiencing improvement. I met with an orthopedic doctor, had an MRI and was diagnosed with spondylosis and spondylolisthesis. I have fractures in my L5. As part of my treatment, my doctor recommended pilates to learn to stabilize the area around the spine. With some research, I was fortunate to find San Francisco Pilates and Junko for my instructor.

Q. What exercise regimes were you doing prior to Pilates?

I was a long-distance runner, and also augmented that with strength training and yoga. Since 2007 I’ve run 5 marathons and numerous half-marathons. In more recent years I really used day-to-day running more as an outlet to manage stress than for training. I enjoyed getting out and running 5-7 miles on any given day.

Q. What physical goals or challenges have you overcome/achieved since starting training?

In starting pilates with Junko, I have felt a transformation of my body. My pain is reduced significantly, to the point where I don’t wake up with lower back pain. I can walk for extended periods of time without needing to stop. I no longer have to think about the act of putting on pants or bending over to tie my shoes. I feel stronger, but I also know that I am not done. I have not felt the need to resume running which had served as a huge part of my overall mental and physical well-being. I look forward to getting to my pilates sessions twice each week.

Q. Any advice to give to others starting a Pilates program or on the fence?

Do it – you won’t regret it! I used to think that I needed to have a full on sweat in order to feel like I’ve had a proper workout. In connecting my mind with my breathing and body movements in pilates, I feel stronger. Pilates has not only been rehabilitative at a critical time in my life, but also built strength in areas of my body that had been neglected by years of running.