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Today I have a body 98% free from pain…

I walked into my first Pilates class at SF Pilates in the Flood building on Market St, almost 7 years ago, not knowing what to expect and not believing anything could be done for the constant pain I had in my hips. I was referred to Junko by a massage therapist who I was seeing weekly and I’m sure was tired of hearing me complain about my aching hips. One day she said to me, “you should try Pilates, it will help your condition and I know an excellent instructor right here in the building”. In addition to the aching hips, I had shoulders that were tight and a posture that could not be straighten even after 2 years of chiropractic treatment and machines. Adding to that, I had been at war with my body for a very long time. It started in childhood with the physical damage and disfiguration caused by obesity. After losing a total of 86lbs, and beginning body work with Pilates my life changed completely.  As I reflect upon my success under Junko’s direction, I realize what has evolved under her persistent, professional care. Today I have a body 98% free from pain, agile, and having the strength, flexibility and stamina to endure a second career which I adore: teaching Hatha yoga after 21 years of working in the public health industry.

I gained a new respect for this effective and gentle art form of moving the body.

I am in awe and amazement of how Pilates has changed my body and thinking. Under the influence of Junko’s delicate, precise, patient guidance and touch, my body changed! I was no longer in pain. I learned to stop fighting my body and concentrate on Junko’s instructions throughout our session. I gained a new respect for this effective and gentle art form of moving the body. The “no pain, no gain” mentality dissolved into fascinating body work. I would walk away from her sessions feeling supple and moving with “a lift in my step”.

Sometimes we walk through an open door not knowing what we will find. Walking into the world of Pilates with Junko has been a gift. Thank you Junko for helping me achieve a strong and graceful body that will take me into my senior years. I look forward to the next 7 years with you.