Client since 2008


When I first started, I had knee pain and common ankle sprains. Thanks to Junko, I no longer have knee pain & no longer sprain my ankle as my ankles have strengthened and she has worked with me to strengthen [...]

Client since 2014


I knew Junko was the right match. When we met to discuss my goals, she had already done some research on my condition and had ideas on how to train me without exacerbating my condition. [...]

Client since 2007


Core strength, flexibility increased and my posture became more upright. Even the dreaded balancing exercises are easier. My knees are strong and the tingling of the leg from the piriformis is gone. [...]

Client since 2004


I first came to Junko about 10 years ago after knee surgery for a torn meniscus and for general body strengthening. After working with Junko on and off for a few years, my knee is much much stronger [...]

Client since 2012


Before starting Pilates exercise, I'd had severe pains in my lower back, both knee joints, and hips which made me reluctant to even walk. Long suffered ingrown nails in my right big toe had prevented me from walking [...]