Client since 2008


Due to poor posture and a weak core, I injured my lower back and hips while training for a half-marathon. Junko did a detailed assessment of my injuries and researched potential causes. After only a few months [...]

Client since 2012


I have built a strong core (six packs!) and now enjoy dance workouts, skiing, and yoga. Before Pilates, I had to brace myself for the pain that will come afterwards. Junko's knowledge of the body coupled with exceptional [...]

Client since 2001


Junko goes beyond just training. She takes time to really understand your injury and research the best exercises to help you not only recover but also become better than before! Where physical therapy only helped [...]

Client since 2007


Core strength, flexibility increased and my posture became more upright. Even the dreaded balancing exercises are easier. My knees are strong and the tingling of the leg from the piriformis is gone. [...]

Client Since 2008


I walked into my first Pilates class at SF Pilates in the Flood building on Market St, almost 7 years ago, not knowing what to expect and not believing anything could be done for the constant pain I had in my hips. [...]