Amrita Pilates client_ec

When did you start Pilates?

June 2012

What made you try Pilates?

I had issues on my right shoulder and neck caused by bad posture and sitting for too long. It would flare up in times of stress. Had seen two different physical therapist, chiropractor, and Accupuncturist but pain continued. To make matters worse, the twin pregnancy resulted in diastacis recti, chronic hip and lower back pain. I tried Pilates more out of curiosity after being frustrated with PT. I didn’t have high hopes.

What kind of changes and process have you gone through?

I have built a strong core (six packs!) and now enjoy dance workouts, skiing, and yoga. Before Pilates, I had to brace myself for the pain that will come afterwards.

Junko’s knowledge of the body coupled with exceptional attention to detail is the best I have seen among therapists. I had no idea how many adjustments in so many different parts of the body was needed for me to be standing or sitting properly. Moreover, how natural and comfortable it feels!

April 2015