Amrita Pilates client_hs

I started Pilates at Junko’s in November 2013. Since then I love Pilates more and more. I had lessons with her once or twice a week from 8am in the morning. Junko’s lesson makes me refreshed and gives me energy every time before I start a day at office.

Due to long-term bad life habit and the long-hour desk work, I have scoliosis. Junko gave me a special sessions, focusing on improvement of my scoliosis with her impressive knowledge of how the body works, and she let me imagine clearly what and where I should focus on my body. Even in less than a year, my scoliosis started getting better, and my posture also got improved. Not only that, I was so happy to get to know how the body works, and what Pilates could positively do to my life.

Unfortunately I am back in Tokyo now for my work, but I am so grateful that I could get to meet Junko and Pilates in San Francisco. Now that I am sure about what Pilates makes me happy physically and mentally so much better, I will definitely continue Pilates for rest of my life.

April 2015