Client since 2009


After long suffering from back pain, a friend of mine recommended Junko for Pilates. Junko is an amazing Pilates instructor who is always attentive to my concerns about my body and health. I've been practicing [...]

Client since 2004


I first came to Junko about 10 years ago after knee surgery for a torn meniscus and for general body strengthening. After working with Junko on and off for a few years, my knee is much much stronger [...]

Client since 2005


When I began my journey to Pilates, I was slouched over due to years of being on the computer and I also have had severe bone issues. I have fallen a couple of times, had rib, back, knee and feet problems [...]

Client since 2011


From my first session with Junko I started to understand how my body is affected by different movements. For example, favoring my left knee caused my right hip to tighten up and it became a vicious cycle [...]

Client since 2006


I started taking Pilates with Junko in 2006 as a way to get some exercise and work through the stress of my desk job. She did a great job helping me prevent back and posture issues and increase flexibility, [...]

Client since 2012


Before starting Pilates exercise, I'd had severe pains in my lower back, both knee joints, and hips which made me reluctant to even walk. Long suffered ingrown nails in my right big toe had prevented me from walking [...]

Client since 2006


I became stronger and more flexible through my years of Pilates, and was able to accommodate the hip problem. Once I planned the hip replacement surgery, I was very confident that my strength and conditioning [...]

Client Since 2008


I walked into my first Pilates class at SF Pilates in the Flood building on Market St, almost 7 years ago, not knowing what to expect and not believing anything could be done for the constant pain I had in my hips. [...]